Sierra Hardwood Flooring - Sierra Stone & Aggregate

Saint Petersburg, Florida 0 comments

The company's truck was throwing rocks off its bed on highway 275.It hit my windshield and cracked it.

I got the license plate number and DOT number of the truck. I even spoke to the driver of the truck and made him aware of my damages caused by his negligence. I contacted the company and gave them all the information of the incident and asked for them to take responsibility for their actions. The owner refused and denied that the driver did this.

She was rude and a total *** about it.I just them to take responsibility for their drivers actions.How hard is it to clean off the back of a truck bed.

Sierra Hardwood Flooring - Georgia Flooring Outlet

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

We purchased Sierra Hardwood Flooring from Georgia Flooring Outlet in 2006...with installation $10,000.We were told that this was a superior standard flooring.

The finish clouded after the first cleaning. The company would not supply us with warranty or cleaning instructions. Employee told us we had purchased an Armstrong Floor. We then find out that Georgia Flooring Outlet is manufacturing this floor under the name - Sierra Flooring.

This is substandard flooring. The finish is failing, denting, scratching. The company says it is my problem. They are blaming the cloudiness on Murphy's Oil Soap.

Mr.Frank Holcomb is refusing to stand behind the product.

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